Völklinger Hütte

The UNESCO world-heritage Völklingen Ironworks in western Germany close to the border with France is a unique monument to pig-iron production in Western Europe. No other historic blast-furnace complex has survived that demonstrates the entire process of pig-iron production in the same way, with the same degree of authenticity and completeness, and is underlined by such a series of technological milestones in innovative engineering.
What was once a busy manufacturing site is today a museum, not only displaying how it used to work but it is as well a place where art has found a home, featuring artists from around the world.
Join me on a tour around and within the facility, featuring as well night-photography that has been taken during a series of very cold nights using a tripod and illuminating the photo for several minutes. The results are astonishing and let the whole scenery appear absolutely unreal, like from a science fiction movie.
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this facility by another artist, who has passed away – this series is dedicated to him – Eberhard Gnahs.


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